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2. Standard Clogs

All these can all be either as a standard size or made-to-order for a more individual fitting.
Gibson (basic lace-up)
Blucher (lace-up)
Other Styles
(Oxford, Brogue)
Oxford two-tone lace-up 
Oxford also availible in a single colour.
(enquire for cost)
Brogue patent 40's style laceup
Brogues illustrated show a higher style of heel than normal but they can also be made with a standard heel height or in different  leather colours/type ie non patent. As we develop this style we have been adding more "brogue-ing" to the front/toe of the Clog
(As there is a lot more work in these see the Information Leaflet for the additional costs) 
 The top two rows of pictures illustrate the common styles. 
ColoursBlack, red, green, blue,burgundy as standard. Depending on suppliers stock, other colours, patent and glazed leathers are also availible. (enquire for range and additional costs)
The photos do not always show true colours so shades of finished clogs may vary slightly from the colours in the pictures.
Crimping can be added but does not always show up as well-defined as on the Best leathers.