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1. Best Clogs

These pictures illustrate the most popular styles of Best Clogs. They can be as standard sizes or made-to-order for a more individual fitting.
The main difference between this range and the Standard range is that we use Bridle grade leathers for these clogs, and shoe leathers for the Standard range.
Colours: We dye the leathers for this range, including black and shades of reds, blues, greens, purples, browns etc. It is may be possible to make dyes up in other colours, please ask. The colour reproduction of the photos below is not brilliant, thus the 1 Bar bottom middle is actually a very dark purple with a lighter purple crimping pattern on it. Crimping can be added to any of the styles illustrated here.
"Dancers" with crimp & fringe tongue
T-bar, red
Blucher lace, plain, black
Derby boots, tan
One-piece upper, plain
One-bar, plain, black, on duck toe sole
30's burgundy
Deep Purple
One-bar, crimped with celtic knot
Dk Purple
Drover's buckle, red
Drover's buckle, green
Blucher lace, extra eyelets,
Rich Red