Measuring feet (how to)

NOTE Made-to-Order does NOT usually cost any more than a standard size.
This is VERY important as it is the information that I use to make your clogs!! (each clogmaker has a different approach to this!)


We recommend that, if at all possible, you should get someone else to draw and measure your feet.


A) Sit down, place both feet comfortably on a piece of paper and have someone else draw an accurate silhouette of each foot. 
Do NOT undercut the foot with the pen/pencil, especially at the heel.


B)  Measure from the floor UP, OVER and DOWN to the floor on the other side, (across the widest part of the foot, the area where the Bunions/corns grow!) In inches please.


C)   Measure again as for (B) but over the highest part (the Arch/Instep area where a lace would fasten). In inches please.

D)   Give a standard UK shoe size if known, but be aware conversion charts for US or European sizes are not that accurate!!


E)   Any other info that may help! ie Corns/Bunions/Fallen arches/Hammer toes/two left feet etc will also be useful.

trefor owen,
14 Oct 2012, 08:04