Care of your Clogs

Some of this is plain common sense - I hope...
If you have got New Clogs, depending on who you bought them from, they will have some form of sealer/polish/finish on them (both upper and soles) so ensure you replenish this at regular intervals.
For the Uppers use a good quality Renovating (as it has a higher dye/colour content than normal) polish; for the Soles try to get a pure Beeswax paste polish or use the best grade of natural wax furniture polish you can find.
A light coating of Linseed oil on the wood doesnt go amiss but do not "drown" the woods or the nails will pop out!
If you've gotten them wet (it never rains on a good dancer I'm told), dry them Slowly... stuff crumpled up newspaper in them to soak up any moisture and replace this paper regularly.
DO NOT try to 'Quick Dry' then using any heat source as this will crack the woods.
Once dry, treat as above with polish and wax.
If they are Crimped, to keep the pattern showing, you will need to use a neutral polish or the polish will colour out the details.
When to re-wood: You can abuse the clogs quite a lot before they become 'un- re-woodable'.
Even if there are many scuff and scratch marks on the leather work it is likley they will still take a new wood.
When the brass nails start showing through the bottom of the sole it's certainly time to think about New Woods, dont leave it till there is no wood left and you are dancing on the leatherwork!
Uppers can often be re-stitched without having to dis-assemble the clog.
New Rubbers or Irons need fitting BEFORE the old ones are completley worn through or you will be wearing the woods away.
Please, please, if you go to a shoe repairer, dont let him/her Glue rubbers on, as the next time they need repairing its an absolute b****r taking the old rubber off - often shreds of wood sole come off with it......