Definitions and Explanations of Terms used

Crimping: this is the name given to the Traditional method of decorating the leather upper of the Clog. Effectively it is a series of incised lines (mere fractions of an inch in depth) built up to create the desired pattern.
Other ways are to use a "pokerwork" approach and burn a pattern, or to use the leather workers approach and use punches, impressed patterns, or embossing methods.
Examples of Crimping: 

Over tongues: A flap or fringe extending over the lace area with extra eyelets, for bells or just for fancy!

Common toe: a rounded shape to the toe end of the Clog.(on the Right below)

Duck (Left) Common (Right)
Duck toe: a semi pointed and elongated shaping to the toe of the Clog. (on Left above)

Standard Clogs: The leather used for the uppers is a medium Chrome tanned shoe grade leather which Rhiannon machine stitches together.

Best Clogs: Uppers made by hand, hand dyed/stitched/assembled by Trefor from a Veg tan leather; more substantial than our standard range and much more satisfying for us to make!

Made to Order: We cut the wooden sole to the drawings you provide rather than using the nearest standard size sole. We then re -build a standard sized last to match the depth measurements/details etc given to shape the upper on.

Its as if we have your feet with us to make the clogs on!

Please remember if you have long thin feet you will get long thin clogs ....

Last: This is the wooden model used to shape the leather on.

Toe Tin: A metal plate (not a saftey toe cap) on the toe end of the clogs in Brass or Steel to add decoration to the Clogs and to provide a small amount of protection to the leatherwork.