Legacy and Training

Over the years I have taught more than 12 people how to make Clogs. Some have stuck with it, some havent....
Phil Gosling from Wath; Terry the Molecatcher, a postman from Whitstable; Lelsey who when we were in Canterbury, came for 2 years on a one day a week basis and made some beautiful stuff.  
More recent pupils have been Simon and Hannah who volunteer at the Colne Valley Museum nr Huddersfield;
Maisa, our Finnish shoemaking student who did a 5 weeks placement with us in late 2011;
Darren who saw the Ade in Britian TV programme and was inspired to have a go and worked with us for 3 months!
Currently we are teaching Rhys and Elin from Llanrug....
 We've worked with a number of Final Year Fashion Degree Students who have put Clogs into their catwalk shows (see Photos, Miscellaneous); an 'Art' project which saw me make some Cloggydas or maybe some Addiclogs - using a trainer as as base to create a modern take on the running shoe!
We have also done "distance" teaching to the descendants of the Welsh community in Patagonia - via emails/dvds etc!!!
We regularly gives talks and demonstrations to local WI's, Community & Historic Societies/Groups etc.
If you want to learn about the clog trade, get in contact to arrange a visit to the workshop to chat ....