We are not alone!

To the sounds of the X Files theme tune..
If you've found us via the Internet you will realise there are other Clog producers out there as well as us.
Some make interesting statements and claims, some of which are even true though sadly some seem to resent any other maker being in business!
I estimate there are some 21 bodies/businesses/people involved in Clogmaking to some degree in the UK, including the two working museums which demonstrate the clog making processes: Colne Valley Museum nr Huddersfield and St Fagans nr Cardiff.
There are some part time makers, some full time, some shoe makers doing the occasional pair of clogs, some make by hand, some use woodworking machinery, some mix those two methods but however they manufacture their clogs, there are not many. 
Walkleys of Mytholmroyd West Yorkshire is the UK's biggest producer of clogs, employing Staff!!
Walkleys is also the only source of NEW made Clog Irons currently (some of us have some old stock clog irons left), so in a way they must be the only producer to make ALL& EVERY PART of the clog!!
Phil Howard a full time machine maker, based in Stockport, travels the Folk circuit in England.
Jerry Atkinson a part time hand maker, in Kington on the Welsh/English border, mostly travels around the 'Country Show' circuit. According to his Blog, is now making lots of shoes rather than clogs.
Mike Cahill nr Castleford, part time machine maker.
John Fox of Bolton, "Foxy's Clogs" machine making, part time,
Robin Shepherd in Haworth -Contactable via Lancashire Wallopers step dance team. 
Roger Dower - traded as the Clog Factory in Oswaldtwistle Mills - machine maker part time, though I have been told he recently moved on to somewhere unknown...
John Ricard of Farnworth nr Bolton, shoe repairer doing some clogs. Buys in uppers and soles.
Dan Nelson of Settle North Yorkshire, boot and shoe maker especially reproduction medieval footwear.. buys in parts to assemble..
Most of the above have websites detailing what they produce.
I think these are the main ones but there are a couple of others.....but it is still a very small list...I will be trying to create a map shortly to show where all the makers are.
I am Full time, and until her death, Rhiannon was in the business part time to help me out as we are fortunately very busy..
I make Handmade Clogs where I hand cut the wooden soles from locally sourced sustainably managed Sycamore, hand make/dye/stitch the uppers and hand assemble them (our Best range), but we also used Rhiannon's machine stitched uppers (our Standard range) onto my soles to produce a lower priced item.
Gwilym is a young local lad training with me.. now in his 2nd year - maybe he will take over at some point when I am old and knackered!!!
There are You Tube clips of Jerry going through the processes he uses and there's even a couple of Youtube clips of me, beware of the comments by Jerry!
I have TV clips and cd/dvd recordings of St Fagans maker Geraint Parfait, Jerry Atkinson, Phil Howard plus some archival cine and video clips - all of which I'll assemble onto one disc at some point!